Optus Stadium set to be transformed with 5G technology

Optus Stadium set to be transformed with 5G technology
Optus Stadium set to be transformed with 5G technology

Perth: Sports and entertainment fans at Optus Stadium will soon have the added excitement of connecting many times faster with fellow fans through the Optus 5G network while watching their favourite sport or live performance.

VenuesWest, on behalf of the State Government, together with Optus and VenuesLive, today announced that ultra-fast 5G connectivity had been switched on throughout key areas of Optus Stadium, including the pitch, corporate suites and seating areas.

While thanking the team at VenuesWest and VenuesLive for co-ordinating the roll out of this exciting new technology together with Optus, Sport and Recreation Minister Mick Murray said, “5G is set to transform the way we now watch sport and live performances as well as how we connect with everyone, while also significantly enhancing the fans first experience.”

Optus CEO Kelly Bayer Rosmarin expressed confidence that Optus 5G now enabled throughout the stadium, fans will be able to connect at the speed of their excitement.

Visitors to Optus Stadium who have a 5G handset on the Optus network will immediately benefit from the new technology with faster download speeds and a more reliable video and app streaming experience – even when 60,000 people are uploading images and streaming video of the event to social media.

5G has also been integrated into the popular Optus Stadium Tour package, offering an immersive and interactive experience for tour patrons that will enhance the stadium experience.

January 21, 2021